Bandwidth Barn

Build, Connect, Accelerate

Our Vision Our Mission

The Barn enables people to start successful businesses, develop great products and thus help change the world. It drives social and economic prosperity by leading Cape Town’s and the region’s innovation mission.

We envision Cape Town and its surrounding communities as prospering through enhanced employment prospects, local wealth creation and retention and an enriched cultural and social environment. In realizing this vision, we foster and promote entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Barn helps create successful global businesses from the region’s science, technology, design and social innovation.

The Barn fosters an ecosystem providing resources – people, programmes, physical infrastructure, fund and networks – to ensure that critical innovation happens. We stimulate, identify and harness great ideas, nurture their development and guide the transformation of those ideas into reality. We measure our success through the companies that emerge, become sustainable and grow after interacting with us.

Core Values

Integrity, Respect, Service, Imagination, Passion, Accountability, Excellence

CVP Involvement

CVP is a direct outcome of the Bandwidth Barn as it was founded to meet the requirement of Barn residents for mentoring and guidance services. CVP provided these services in the form of entrepreneurship courses through CITI (Velociti) and mentoring programmes (MyMentor). CVP founding partner, Geoff Hainebach was a founder and founding chairman of the Barn and held the position for 6 years.


  • Street: Block B, 3rd Floor Woodstock Industrial Centre (Woodstock Exchange)
  • Postcode: 7925
  • City: Cape Town
  • State: Western Cape
  • Country: South Africa


  • Telephone: +27 (21) 409 7000
  • Fax: +27 (21) 409 7050
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.