The SIMpill® Medication Adherence Solution

SIMpill® is a medical technology company focusing on real time medication adherence solutions. We focus on developing and implementing technological adherence solutions for patients and caregivers.

SIMpill® is a medication management system that, operating together with the appropriate SIMpill® device, is programmed with the patient’s medication schedule. It will monitor the intake of medication and remind patients and carergivers as necessary by sending a text message to the patient and/or carergivers mobile phone if the patient does not take their medication as prescribed.

All monitoring and reminders happen in real time.

The SIMpill® system is for individual pills, blister packs, fluid medication, topical medication and prescription bottles. The SIMpill system and devices are completely portable and operate internationally.

Our clients include pharmaceutical companies, health insurance companies, national health care providers and academic institutions worldwide.

The SIMpill® system offers in-depth and detailed compliance statistics and the patient – or pre-approved healthcare professionals or analysts – can gain access to real-time information regarding medication use and compliance through a private secure account on the SIMpill® website. The patient can also track his/her own medication use history and see his/her own compliance statistics.

Using the real time data allows the researchers to accurately measure the patient’s adherence level

The SIMpill® medication devices are CE certified.


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