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Complete ‘omics’ solutions – Made in Africa

The CPGR creates value for its customers through standard services and in custom (contract research/collaborative) projects. We combine cutting-edge, information-rich genomic and proteomic technologies with bio-computational applications to convert biological samples into digital information and scientific knowledge.

In addition to employing in-house service platforms, the CPGR is leveraging a variety of external resources to create economies of scale and scope. This is a necessary antecedent for rendering cost-effective GenomicProteomic and Bioinformatic solutions in Africa.


In so doing, the CPGR orchestrates available capacity in a networked fashion that facilitates agile responses to a wide range of needs, and enables the rendering of customised solutions to our constituent user-base. The network approach also facilitates the creation and diffusion of knowledge – a crucial prerequisite for innovation in the rapidly evolving ‘omics’ arena. Ultimately, our aim is to create an eco-system that nurtures life science innovation in Africa.


  • Country: South Africa


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