Brave Curious Minds

It takes a certain amount of bravery, dogged tenacity and craziness for a student to take an idea for a small email startup and transform it into one of the leading online marketing agencies in Africa.

In 1999, our CEO and favourite ginger, Rob Stokes founded Quirk and in 2014, Quirk was acquired by WPP – a partnership that will see us fast track our aspirations to grow our presence on the African continent and open a world of opportunities for our Stars.

Over the past 14 years, we have grown from a 1-man operation to a business that employs 227 QuirkStars across agencies in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and London that service a broad spectrum of clients and industries.

The 4 Quirk agencies form part of the larger Quirk Group whose marketing and technology services and expertise play out across:

The more you know...

We have always been somewhat obsessed about education. Educating our industry, educating the whippersnappers waiting for their shot to create the future and educating each other. That's why we created the education arm of our business.

Quirk Education facilitates digital training to organisations across the world, offers 13 digital marketing distance learning courses and recently merged with the Red & Yellow School of Logic+Magic to keep those aforementioned whippersnappers on the edge of our rapidly evolving digitally enabled world. We even wrote a bookeMarketing: The essential guide to digital marketing – which we give away for free.

Culture is king

At Quirk, we do everything we can to facilitate a culture of learning, innovation and curiosity that compels the QuirkStars to experiment and push the boundaries of creativity and technology. We are part of a democracy where each QuirkStar has a voice and isn't afraid to use it. We have a president. And… we have free popcorn. What's not to like?

Sure, we're a little crazy, a little nerdy, a little mad scientist and a lot obsessed with cats… but it sure does make for an interesting “day at the office”.
Meet the Brave Curious Minds.


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